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Some briefs you might find

  • Branding for a real-estate company

    Branding, Identity, Logo Design
  • Icon Design for an environmental group

    Iconography, Branding
  • Branding Design for the Sharing Economy

    Branding, Identity, Print Design
  • Online Ordering for School Cafeteria

    Digital Design, UX Design, Branding
Brief #22

A pet-centric realty company is looking for a branding system to attract young home-buyers.

Rover Realty is a new real-estate firm opening in a large metro area. They will be serving both the urban city dwellers searching for apartments and suburban home buyers. Their focus is finding pet friendly housing with amenities designed for the four legged family members.

Customer Demographics

Professionals ranging in age from 25-40. Small active families. Pet owners.

Customer Asks

Because they're working in both urban and suburban clientele, the Rover Realty partners want to avoid imagery of a typical house shape.

While the name is "Rover Realty" they want to avoid showcasing only dogs, as many of their clients are looking for amenities for their feline or reptilian family members.

Brief #6

Blue Giant is a marine mammal organization, tracking the movements of endangered large marine mammals such as whales and dolphins.

Blue Giant is a large international non-profit organization dedicated to collecting data on some of the largest and rarest marine mammals. They use this data to educate, inform, and provide activism. They're working on engaging the public with their efforts, and are in the early stages of doing so. Blue Giant is looking for a set of icons that can be used across various social media, their website, and a mobile interface for an edu-tainment application.

Customer Demographics

Educational institutions. Eco-conscious millennial (18-35 y/o)

Customer Asks

The organization is looking for icons to show where whales / dolphins were spotted, new locations, etc.

They prefer generic shapes or two distinct icon setss (one for whales, one for dolphins)

Blue Giant wants to stay with a blue/green/ocean-esque color scheme.

Brief #14

BuzzTrip is a new start up using the sharing economy providing a platform for electric scooter owners to rent their scooters to others.

BuzzTrip is a scooter sharing service that will be based in cities like NYC, San Francisco, and San Antonio. Unlike other scooter sharing services, BuzzTrip allows individuals to rent their personal electric scooters on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. After each trip, each scooter is collected by BuzzTrip, taken to be cleaned, inspected and charged before being dropped off at the owner's home.

Customer Demographics

25-40 Working Professionals.

Current service is 40% female, 55% male, 5% undisclosed

Customer Asks

BuzzTrip is looking for their logo and branding. Currently they're using just a logotype, and would like a symbol to brand themselves with.

They want the symbol to be recognizable to be used on stickers, their pick up vans, etc.

Brief #10

PackPack is a school lunch ordering platform. They allow parents to make healthy choices for their children to be picked up during their lunch hour.

PackPack is a new food ordering app serving children and their families. Currently rolling out with a beta product, PackPack is looking for the next level of it's product. PackPack encourages families to make lunch decisions together, and allows the school to control their food costs with a pre-ordering system.

Customer Demographics

Parents of children who purchase/receive school lunch (Children ages 5-16)

Customer Asks

The client would like healthy food tips/facts to be featured in the ordering process

The color palette should denote a 'healthy' approach

PackPack wants the application to appeal to families, and encourage conversation around the choices being made.

Because they want to encourage family conversation, the client nears the application to be useful to non-reading children.

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